We’ve got over 25 years’ experience offering a “one-stop-shop” for technology solutions.

It is often the case that our clients don’t really know what they want. They just know that their business is not meeting its potential. Too many consultancies expect their clients to define their problem right out of the gate, and to understand the technical jargon behind any proposed solution. Do you really have the time for all that? Clarosoft provides a service that assists our clients in identifying their requirements as well as providing the solution – in a language we can all understand.

We have worked with multiple sectors including Finance, Telecommunications, Gaming and eCommerce, and have project management, business analysis, design, development, test, integration and support experience across a wide range of projects. We are a rare breed – people with managerial and consultancy skills who can also do the tech stuff – and we will work only with partners and suppliers who can offer that combination too.

The bigger the team, the more expensive the solution. By hand-picking capable individuals with a broad range of skills, Clarosoft delivers its clients quality solutions whilst minimising costs.

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